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Eau Claire County Restorative Justice Program
Why We Do What We Do:
Bringing together those that are stakeholders in a crime is the most impactful way to address the harms that still remain long after the crime has occurred. Through Restorative Justice, victims, offenders, and the community are able to bring their concerns and hopes to the table to resolve the unresolved and move beyond the harm of crime. Our program would not be possible without the volunteers and the community support of Eau Claire County. Together we are all working to ensure that justice is community based, victims’ needs are addressed, and offenders develop accountability skills.

What Participants of Our Eau Claire County Restorative Justice Program Have to Say

“Positive and growth encouraging part of a very negative experience.”

-parent of 15 year old Victim Offender Conference (VOC) participant changed with burglary, criminal damage to property, OMVWOC, misdemeanor theft, arson.
“I got to know the feelings of the victims face-to-face. I got to know the other side of the story and could understand.”
-15 year old VOC participant charged with criminal damage
“I remember something like this when I was in trouble as a kid. You need to confront those that you hurt or else it’s not personal… Many people complain about the results but not that many participate in the resolution. I am hoping this helped the offender.”
-victim of burglary, met the offender who received the stolen property, VOC participant
“Great job! I found the RJ team to be empathetic, sincere and willing to listen to my concerns. This proved to be a beneficial experience for me.”
-victim of burglary, criminal damage to property, OMVWOC, misdemeanor theft, VOC participant
“I realized what the consequences might be. I didn’t know this before. It was helpful to be able to get to express myself.”
-16 year old VOC participant charged with retail theft
“I really learned a lot and actually enjoyed the workshop. I learned a lot about choices, morals or ethics, and consequences. I’m really thankful [to attend the class] because it really was for my benefit.”
-16 year old Workshop participant charged with possession of tobacco, THC, controlled substance and drug paraphernalia
“The people there were very knowledgeable about what they were talking about. They made it more fun and easy to talk about what happened in front of other kids. The motivation they gave all of us was really good too. It made a big difference in the way I look at things and the way I act.”
-15 year-old Workshop participant charged with obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct

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